Cloud and Disaster

Recovery Services

Keep your corporate data Secured online,
Highest availability, Easy recovered

Achieve your challenge target with Gitxs that’s grantee your data securely access stored, highly available without downtime and 24/7 support for your application.

We want our customer who are have limited budget and want Startup their own company to make them forget the datacenter cost and  have their dedicated datacenter highly available and protected without buying any assets or spending any money to buy server or hardware.

As one of Gitxs targets is to help customer to improve their ease of management so we providing cloud solution that can integrate it with your private data center and can manage it from one interface as local Private data center and do any kind of integration or movement for maintenance safely and swiftly.

Gitxs have a vision for customer to be easily recover all of valuable critical data from any disaster failure even for natural disasters to easily build up everything on small time without any loss of data.

Dedicated Cloud

  • Dedicated compute for mission critical and security/compliance-driven applications.
  • Steady state, predictable performance for production workloads.
  • g. SAP, Oracle, Exchange, CRM, HR, Payroll, new application development, etc

Virtual Private Cloud

  • Pay as you go, usage-based service with per minutes metering and monthly billing: on demand.
  • Logically isolated Datacenter network acting as infrastructure as service and can be integrated to vSphere environment.
  • Can be used workload that can be deployed on variable, lower performance platform.
  • Burst workload, smaller deployment, short-term Projects .that’s don’t require dedicated infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

  • Warm standby capacity on the cloud.
  • Self-service protection, failover and failback workflow per VM.
  • 15 Min – 24 HR, recovery point objective.
  • Cost-effective DR vSphere VM Ideal for DR, data center extension.
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