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GITXS and Cisco strategic partnership

About Cisco

Cisco Systems Inc. is the leader in communications and Internet solutions and services. Cisco provides the networking foundation for some of the largest service providers, Commercial businesses and enterprise customers in the world, including corporations, government agencies, utilities and educational institutions. Cisco networks direct 85 per cent of global Internet and Cisco’s networking solutions connect everything – people, processes, data and things – anytime and anywhere.

Cisco uniqueness

Cisco understands and addresses the unique requirements of each place in the network servers and Data Center solution and have Wide variety of products that meet each business type and requirements at any level also providing best practice design for any different cases and high level of support for all of environment and products


Product Clients

Products and solutions

Campus: Market factors are causing a shift in corporate structure interaction throughout a company, and as these companies become more adept and more dependent on technologies for this interaction, the network must provide a platform that enables and promotes enhanced communication and collaboration.

Branch/WAN: Cisco gives branch users an equal status with the applications while optimizing their
Interoperability and performance for a consistent branch experience. At the WAN head end, Cisco offers services aggregation solutions that combine virtualized services integration, bandwidth optimization, and application intelligence to provide secure, intelligent routing of applications across the enterprise WAN.

Data center: The rapid proliferation of new applications combination require datacenter architectures that are more resilient, more adaptable, more manageable, and capable of serving users across geographically dispersed locations

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