CompTIA Training

Benefits of Comptia Training

Only authorized Comptia training ensures the required knowledge and expertise to successfully develop in a competitive IT business environment.

The main benefits of Authorized Comptia Training are:

  • Content authorized by Comptia and created by Comptia product teams.
  • Comprehensive learning needs and skills-gap analysis.
  • Highest quality training taught by Certified Comptia Systems Instructors, guaranteeing the same quality, service and experience for all companies and participants.
  • Strict quality guarantee managed by a Comptia online evaluation system.
  • Simulations created by Comptia to help prepare for Comptia exams.
  • Customized courses that use Comptia intellectual property.
Course Title Type
CompTIA A+ training – deel 1+2 ILT + LeO
CompTia Cloud Essentials – 2 dagen ILT
CompTIA Mobility+ – 5 days ILT
CompTIA Network+ ILT + LeO
CompTIA Security+ ILT + LeO
CompTia Strata IT Fundamentals ILT
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